NetSuite 1099-MISC Bundle

"Track1099 is an excellent example of where we were able to plug in a tool to greatly reduce the time our team takes to deliver on IRS-related solutions."
Leslie Jorgensen, President, Supporting Strategies

Welcome, NetSuite Clients

  • Track1099 is pleased to be NetSuite's 1099-MISC e-file partner.

  • Please find us on our listing.

  • Login to NetSuite, select your company, then Customization->SuiteBuilder->Search & Install Bundles. Do not select List.

  • In the Search box, enter "Track1099" without spaces.

  • Select and install the free bundle called "1099 Vendor Payment Report - Track1099"

  • Using the bundle, create your 1099 CSV file and download it.

  • Please edit the CSV.

  • Delete the word "-- None –" in any cell that has it or replace with correct information.

  • Delete the very last line that has the Totals listed.

  • Review all other data for accuracy, then Save and Export as a CSV file.

  • Your CSV file should then be exactly like our CSV template and you can import.

  • You'll then use our bundle to edit the CSV and import via our CSV template.

  • For more details, sign up with us, then select Import Data on the nav bar -> NetSuite.