NetSuite's Track1099 Bundle

The 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC may pose a few challenges this year. Please reach out to us with any questions.

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  1. Login to NetSuite, select your company, then go to Customization > SuiteBuilder > Search & Install Bundles. Do not select List.

    Install Bundle
  2. In the Keywords field, enter Track1099 and click Search.

    Install Bundle
  3. Click the 1099 Vendor Payment Report - Track1099 link.

  4. You can also use any of our competitors' bundles, such as Sovos or Yearli, to create a CSV file and then cut and paste from that into our CSV template.

  5. On the Bundle Details page, click Install.

    Install Bundle
  6. On the Preview Bundle Install page, click Install Bundle.

    Install Bundle
  7. In the popup, click OK.

    Install Bundle
  8. Wait for the bundle to be installed. The Status of the bundle will change from Pending... to a check mark. Click Refresh to see the latest Status.

    Install Bundle
  9. Go to Reports > Saved Searches > 1099 Vendor Payment Report - Track1099 > Edit.

    Install Bundle
  10. Select the Criteria sub tab and make changes as needed.

  11. Then, select the Results sub tab and make sure your vendor fields are as desired.

  12. (OPTIONAL) If necessary to use a specific vendor address, for example Billing Address:

    1. Select the Vendor : Address 1 list.

      Install Bundle
    2. Scroll down the dropdown list and choose Vendor Fields...

      Install Bundle
    3. In the Saved Transaction Search popup window, select Billing Address 1 from the Vendor Field list.

      Install Bundle
    4. Repeat steps A, B and C for Vendor : City, Vendor : State/Province and Vendor : Zip Code, replacing them with Vendor : Billing City, Vendor : Billing State/Province and Vendor : Billing Zip, respectively.

      Install Bundle
  13. If you've made any changes to the report, enter a new report name in the Search Title box and click Save As.

  14. Click Save & Run and review the results of the report.

  15. Export and download the CSV using the Export-CSV icon in the upper left.

    Export CSV
  16. Open the CSV in your favorite spreadsheet and edit.

  17. Delete the word "- None –" in all cells or replace with correct information.

  18. Delete all entries in the Foreign City/State/Zip column, including "USA", if you do not have a foreign address. Do not delete the column itself.

  19. Delete the very last line that has the Totals listed.

  20. Review all other data for accuracy, then Save and Export as a CSV file. You can them import into Track1099.

  21. Because of the new 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms, you may need to download our templates and then cut and paste the appropriate columns from your NS CSV into either our 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC CSV templates.

  22. See our CSV import process.

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