Use Track1099's TIN Matching service

  • Reduce the chance of IRS fines for incorrect SSNs and use our TIN Matching service for $0.39.

  • We offer you the option during e-file checkout.

  • The form types that are allowed by the IRS to use TIN Matching are 1099-NEC, MISC, B, DIV, INT, K, OID and PATR.

  • We compare name, TIN type and TIN against the IRS database. All three must match to get a "pass", else you'll get a "fail".

  • The IRS will not allow you to find a correct SSN using this service. It is only pass/fail.

  • We suggest you use full first and last names, though "Tim" will work in place of "Timothy".

Upload yourself to the IRS for free

  1. We also give you a properly formatted bulk TIN Match file, if you wish to upload to the IRS yourself for free.

  2. Register your Payer at IRS e-services.

  3. The IRS requires an individual at the company to take responsibility by entering their information.

  4. In Track1099, after entering your Payer and Recipients, click on the Payer name -> 6. Download, scroll down and select the Bulk TIN Match file. Please see our TIN Matching video.

  5. Once you receive your IRS pin in the mail and finish registration, go to the IRS TIN Match site, login and then follow their instructions for uploading a bulk TIN Match file.

  6. The IRS will return a file to you that shows which Name and SSN combinations are incorrect. They will NOT tell you the correct SSN nor if it's a name or SSN issue. One of them does not match what the IRS has on file.

  7. After using our online W-9 service to get the correct Name and SSN, login to Track1099, make the update directly in the Recipient's form or delete the existing Company and upload a new CSV file with the correct Recipient Names and SSNs.

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