Affordable 1099 E-filing
Solution Without Minimums
or Hidden Fees

  • No minimum fee, no hidden costs
  • Rolling pricing across all payers
  • No extra fee for incremental e-filing
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*No state W-2 filing, 94x must be signed & mailed


Postal mail to Recipients Price

  • If you're missing recipient email, Track1099 offers weekly mail Jan. through Apr. for +$1.75 per form. An express service is offered Jan. 27-31 for an extra +$1 per form.
  • Foreign postage adds an extra $1.75.
  • Or, you can download a PDF after scheduling e-file and mail yourself for no additional charge on plain paper; no special IRS forms are required.
  • Please see our Postal Mail Video.
  • Address is formatted for #10, double-windowed envelopes.
  • Address verification is offered for $0.05 per form.
Schedule mail by
9pm PST on:
Postmarked on:
Jan 14 Jan 16
Jan 21 Jan 23
Jan 25 Jan 29
Jan 26 Jan 30
Jan 27-30 (extra +$1) Jan 31
Jan 31 (extra +$1) Feb 1

State E-File Price

  • $1.29 per form
  • Not all states require filing

Do I need to do state filing?

TIN Matching Price

  • We submit Name, TIN type and TIN to the IRS
  • The IRS returns pass or fail within 24 hours

Online W-9/W-4/W-8BEN Price

W-9 pricing is separate from our 1099 price

Annual Subscription


W-9, W-4, W-8s
$9/per year
unlimited companies


W-9, W-4, W-8s
$59/per year
unlimited companies


W-9, W-4, W-8s
$199/per year
unlimited companies


W-9, W-4, W-8s
$399/per year
unlimited companies

E-file times and refunds

  • We e-file each day around 8pm PST. We e-deliver throughout the day beginning at 1pm PST.
  • You can request a refund up until IRS or State e-file or recipient e-delivery is sent.
  • After e-filing or e-delivery, we do not offer refunds. No refunds are given for postal mail once it's been sent.
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