Import 1099s

Follow this guide to create a Payer for testing and import some sample 1099-NEC forms.

First, create a Payer (aka Issuer)

Visit your All Payers overview. If you do not have any payers, or you would like to use a new one for testing, click "Add New Payer" then "Enter a New Payer Manually". You can create Payers (aka Issuers) with the API, too, but it helps to see the point-and-click form first.

Spoilers! In the next step, you'll retrieve your payer ID from the API, but if you check the URL in the web app after you save, you can get the ID without using the API.

Using the API

Open our API Documentation in a new window or tab. The next three steps use these interactive Open API docs.

1. Find your payer in an API response

First, click the green Authorize button on the right in the Open API docs and enter the API token you saved from "Get API access" step 2. Then click GET /api/v1/{team_api_id}/issuers and if team_api_id is not filled in automatically, enter the Team API ID that you found in "Get API access" step 3. Click Try it out and read the response, looking for the payer you created in step 4 above. The API response will include your payer's ID, which you can use in the next step.

2. Upload a CSV of forms

Click POST /api/v1/{team_api_id}/issuers/{issuer_id}/import-forms and enter the ID you found in the last step for issuer_id. For csv_file, you'll need to start from one of our CSV templates and complete the file with your real data. To see how this endpoint works, though, you can use our example 1099-NEC CSV file. Save a copy to your computer, then choose it for your csv_file and click Try it out.

3. Check import status

The response from the last step will include an ID (and a URL) for an import Job. By the time you click GET /api/v1/{team_api_id}/jobs/{job_id}, enter that ID in job_id, and click Try it out, your import will probably already be complete. You should see that 4 forms were imported: 2 ok, 1 missing email, and 1 with an error.

4. See your new forms in the web app

Back in the web app, if you refresh your All Payers Overview you should see colored pills with information about your newly-added forms next to your payer's name. Click one of the pills to see your new forms.

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