See our Easy 1099-MISC Efile video

  • Easily create 1099-MISC using our simple online entry or use our CSV import template to enter many 1099-MISC at once.

  • We e-file your 1099-MISC to the IRS using our Transmitter Control Code, so you do not have to sign up with FIRE.

  • See the current IRS 1099-MISC instructions for more details on how to fill in the form.

  • You should also check out the IRS 1099 instructions for more details on 1099 rules.

  • Filing 1099-MISC corrections or voids is also very easy with our E-corrections service.

  • If you use QuickBooks Online for 1099-MISC vendors, then you should try our QBO import using Intuit's API. It super easy.

State filing requirements for 1099-MISC

  1. Please see our state info page to learn more about 1099-MISC state filing requirements.

  2. Most states do not have an additional state filing requirement beyond the Combined Federal and State filing program.

  3. Track1099 by Avalara participates in the Combined Federal and State filing program. It is included as part of our e-file price.

  4. During e-file checkout, we will determine if you have additional state filing for particular recipients and prompt you on the next page to either have us e-file for you or you can download the state file and upload to the Department of Revenue for that state yourself.

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