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QBO and QB Desktop 1099-MISC integration

QuickBooks Online

  • Track1099 offers seamless, online integration with QuickBooks Online Plus and Pro. We are an approved partner of Intuit's and have passed their security reviews.

  • QBO Essentials clients: Intuit does not offer 1099 options in this version. Please create your own 1099-like report and use our CSV template or enter data manually.

  • QBO Plus/Pro clients: We retrieve your 1099 Vendors, calculate the total paid during this tax year using cash or checks, see if it is > $600, and then enter that amount in Box 7.

  • Please see our QBO video for details.

  • QuickBooks Desktop, local or hosted

  • Intuit has ceased updating the QB Desktop API. It is quite old and shall we say, a little fussy.

  • As a reliable alternative, we strongly recommend QB's 1099 CSV export.

  • For a direct transfer, we use Web Connector with a Track1099 applet that you'll install. QB15 or higher and the latest Web connector version is needed.

  • See a brief video of how the 1099-MISC transfer works.

  • Login, click on Import Data -> QB Pro/Premier/Enterprise for instructions and to download the applet.